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-Interviews, Critics, and Other Texts

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Don Rosa
-Interviews, Critics, and Other Texts!!!

This page is a collection of interviews, critics, articles, profiles, and so on. -All about Keno Don Hugo Rosa!!!
If you feel a certain text is missing from this page, or if you've written something yourself, please e-mail me!

Interview for The Comic Journal part 1/3, Dana Gabbard and Rosa takes it from the beginning!
Interview for The Comic Journal part 2/3, Continued!
Interview for The Comic Journal part 3/3, R. C. Harvey finnishes the three part Rosa interview.
Interview for Disneyana Enthusiasts Club, by Didier Ghez.
"An interview with DON ROSA" for Advance Comics part 1/2
"An interview with DON ROSA" for Advance Comics part 2/2
Don Rosa -An Interview, An interview by Tarjei!

Don Rosa --One Happy Fella, by R. C. Harvey
Gladstone Profile: DON ROSA, Rosa's Disney carrier in brief notes!

The Man Behind the Duck, Danish article from Politikken!
The Fake Bird, Quite unfriendly article by Inger Holst
Response to The Fake Bird, My own (Asger Brix Jensen's) response to Inger Holst.
Crazy about Donald Duck, For Anders And & Co., Denmark.
"Did you know... ", About Rosa's Treasure of King Croesus.
The Biggest Treasure, Introduc(k)tion for Guardians of the Lost Library!
Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Part 0, Don Rosa's own words on "Of Ducks, Dimes and Destinies"

Comic Coments, Selected critics from Gladstone's and Disney's letter columns (both friendly and unfriendly).