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Don Rosa Critics -from Gladstone and Disney Letter Columns
Don Rosa Critics
-from Gladstone and Disney Letter Columns

On this page is printed a few of the quotes from some of the letters in Gladstone and Disney's letter columns.
NOTE: The opinions are not all shared by maintainer of this page!

"Master Landscapist" was a great mastery story, following in Uncle Carl's webprints to a huge extent. I'm glad to see Don Rosa featured again and hope to read more of his ten-page "quack-ups." Vicar's story was funny but paled in comparison to Rosa and Scarpa.

Congratulations go to Don for his cover (The Prize of Pizarro"). Maybe Don should do a sequel to "Pizarro." He's done it in the past, and has always had wonderful results.

-Joey Marchese

"Guardians of the Lost Library" is one of the ten best comic stories I've ever read.

-Joseph Harris

Wow! What a story! "Guardians of the Lost Library" has to be one of the best Scrooge stories I've ever read. The plot was delightfully complex and full of history. What a very special technique both Barks and Rosa have used! You can learn a lot about the world through the duck's eyes. Don Rosa refers to his art style as being irritatingly detailed. Please don't ever change, Don. I look forward to searching for all the hidden gags and enjoying the awesome backdrops. Keep the masterpieces coming!

-Capt. Scott Rose

Don Rosa's new cover for "Twenty-four Carat Moon" was a winner. Perhaps he can do a sequel to the tale (a la "Return to Plain Awfull") where Scrooge faces off against the Fabulous Cattle King and the Maharaja of Eyesore again? Just hopin'...

-Keith Abt

"The Secret of the Clacier" (by Toby Strobl); Don Rosa fans should check this one out! It provided a major plot point for "Last Sled to Dawson," and a comparison of some of the panels in both stories of the dog sled getting stuck in the ice are too simular for Don to deny it!

-Howard Perry

I loved Don Rosa's new story about oolated squiggs. It was hilarious when Uncle Scrooge blew all the balloons (and Donald) out of the air.

-Jeff Johnson

Don Rosa's "Oolated Luck" story in the latest WDC&S was excellent. His work sparkles along with that of Daan Jippes and Fred Milton's

-Douglas J. Yazell

One reason that Barks and Rosa comics are better is that there is no '80s Newspeak in their comics: no "snow person" as in "To Each His Own" in DD 269

-Henry Michelus

I had to tell you I loved USA 9, especailly for "Fortune on the Rocks." That was great. I mean, I laughed and laughed and laughed. I hope one day it will be animated into the DuckTales series.

-Lisa Lorancaitis

If I had to pick a favorite new long story it would be "Cash Flow" by Don Rosa. Please print at least one of Don Rosa's stories in one of your seven titles each month because his art is exceptional.

-Brantley McMinn

"Cash Flow" is without question, the first "great" Duck story that Don Rosa has done - a story that, like the Barks classics, will be read and enjoyed years from now. The story concept was magnificent (reminisent of Barks' greatest ideas and yet highly personal - warming the cockless of any theoretical scientist's heart). Rosa's art has improved from story to story - the stiffness present in the earlier stories has almost disappeared, the Ducks are drawn with more consistency, and the art in the splash panels - particular the opening scene of Scrooge on his money pile - is particularly impressive. An artist that captures Barks' magic without remaining slavishly imitave - Just what American Duck fans have needed for 20 years!

-Christopher Barat

I delighted in "Cash Flow" with it's neutra-friction and anti-inertia rays, although I do have a certain empathy with 176-671 who confessed to being "too stupid to understand all that!"

-Ron Moore

"Cash Flow" was virtually flawless, artwise. It was truly a remarkable story. In some ways, the art was even better than "Son of the Sun." However, despite the excellent plot, the dialogue struck me as slightly strange in some spots. Well, maybe not strange, but familiar. Rather annoyingly so. I would rather not see Rosa re-use old dialogue.

-Neil Anderson

I was especially delighted by the subtle touches of background art in "Cash Flow", such as walls hangings and signs. The panorama of Duckburg (behind the exclamation "Great howling Crashwagons!") was masterly.

-Majorie Hornstein

I did not expect to like "cash Flow," but I did. I especially like the scenes where the Beagle Boys sink into the money and then row in it as if it was a lake. I also enjoyed the car chase scene.

-Jefferson Fitzgerald

The cover of "The Man from Oola-Oola" is among Don Rosa's best, and if there were ever Duck posters, I'd like to see that one on my bedroom wall!

I've always found myself agreeing with Don Rosa's suggestion that the ducks be kept in the 1940s/1950s. It just seems that those stories feel more natural, as that is the general era when Barks' tales were done.

"The Once and Future Duck" ended quite nicely. Although I missed Scrooge in this Rosa tale, it stood up well and had a nice twist to the end.

I'm always hesitant to declare something my favorite after having just read it. Usually, it's always the one which is freshest in your mind that stands out the most. However, Don Rosa's "A Matter of Some Gravity" is truly his funniest turn yet. He got to play around with a lot of stuff here, including lots of interesting backgrounds, some interesting panel layouts and designs, and some mind bending physics. Not only that, but he also managed to cram in a lot of funny things, at a rate of about one per page. I had to put this story down a couple of times because I was laughing so hard. I hereby banish "Incident at McDuck Tower" to second on my list.

-Augie De Blieck Jr.

If Scarpa did any stories starring Magica De Spell, please print them. Since Van Horn and Rosa don't seem to be doing many of those, I might as well ask for the next best thing.

-Zadoc Angell

In addition to using the Gutenberghus work of Don Rosa, Daniel Branca, Vicar, et al., perhaps it's time for Donald Duck Adventures to open the European pipelines and bring us some of the better Itaian and German tales.

-Christopher Barat

I was disappointed that Don Rosa's 12-part "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" did not include Scrooge purchasing his hourglass in Morocco when he was a cabin boy.

-Lawrence Giver

Don Rosa is worth at least the 30 cent an hour Scrooge pays his workers. You might even give him a nickel raise for his terrific work.

-Carol Meece

I really enjoyed "Anything But Those". It was full of little jokers I didn't notice at first glance.

-Kevin Kuffa

The Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics are good except for the Don Rosa stories. They are badly drawn and written. You should print more Barks stories.

-Bob Neez

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